Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What causes bloating after meals?

Bloating is uncomfortable condition characterized by swollen abdomen. It also refers to the condition of fullness of stomach & a sensation of tightness in the stomach. In general abdominal bloating is caused due to gas. In case you ask what causes stomach bloating after meals every time, there is no single reason that causes stomach bloating after meals. It is chiefly associated with improper food habits & wrong choice of foods or it can be developed as a part of developing any chronic illness. Let us see the causes of stomach bloating after meals.
Gas producing foods:
Food intolerance is the major cause of stomach bloating immediately after eating. A number of the common food items that lead towards bloated stomach includes broccoli, beans, cabbage, apple, pears, whole grains etc. Moreover, these food items are liable to produce gas. Carbonated drinks also cause abdominal bloating. Similarly, lactose intolerance also causes bloated stomach, where lactose is the major element in dairy products, in milk. Intolerance to digest the lactose produces gas & thus results towards abdominal bloating.
Digestive issues:
Weaker digestive method is the main culprit which results with irregular method of digestion. Irregular or interrupted digestive method finish up with undigested food settled in the stomach, which is more exposed to bacterial infection. The major reason for bloated stomach after eating is caused due to undigested food settled in colon. Food particles settled in the colon are more liable to bacterial infection & the more quantum of undigested food result towards more bacterium that produce more gas. In addition, several medical conditions like disorder in the intestines & irritable bowel syndrome lead towards abdominal bloating immediately after eating.

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  1. So that's what causes bloating after meals.
    Now I should pay attention to the food I want to eat.