Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Let us first understand what exactly the colon is. The colon is a vital part of the digestive technique & plays a important role in the absorption of vital nutrients, water & minerals within the body. It also helps in getting rid of major nutrients in the kind of chair. It is a large part of the digestive large intestine & is  6 feet long. The last 5-6 inches of the huge intestine form the rectum & anal canal.
Let us now look at a number of the signs of the illness. In the early stages individuals who are suffering from the illness do not exhibit any kind of signs at all. This is the reason why most doctors recommend that you must get yourself screened one time you near 50 years of age.
There's types of colon cancer signs namely: Local & Systemic.

Colon cancer is dreadful illness & the signs are not basically visible until a later stage. You need to understand what is a colon cancer & the repercussions in the event you need to combat the illness. Understanding this illness will help you understand the implications of health & other related issues in them.

Lets look at the systematic colon cancer signs: these are signs that fundamentally affect your whole body. You may also experience acute weight loss in the work of this period. This weight loss will be unintentional & you will also suffer from acute loss of appetite. You may also undergo some feeling of fatigue & vomiting & nausea. For ladies it will be anemia & towards the finish of the week you will contract jaundice, leading to yellowish color skin as well as yellow colors of the whites of the eyes.
In the event you happen to experience all these signs for a long time period, say weeks or more or even for week. It is time you consult a physician.

In local colon cancer signs they usually tend to affect your every day habits & the colon in itself, such as your bowel movement. Your bowel habits may tend to change; this means more or lesser frequency of bowel movements. You may also get constipated sometimes, or suffer from Diarrhea or intermittently suffer from both. You may also suffer from tarry stools, which mean dark red blood stains in the chair. Chair also becomes unusually thinner & you may also feel like emptying your bowels without anything in them.
Other local colon cancer signs are suffering due to feeling of bloating, gas pains often & cramps. However, in the event you happen to experience these kind of signs for over or weeks, it is better to consult & doctor & seek medical advice on the same.

In case you start to notice colon cancer signs you must immediately contact a doctor & fix an appointment. With the help of some medical history & collection of blood & chair samples he will be able to perform definite follow up tests for you.
Do not hesitate to go for a colon cancer screening since this will be the right opportunity to detect in the event you have the deadly illness or not. It may hurt a bit but do not worry about that.

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