Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Digestive Bloating

Digestive bloating in the occurs due to irregular digestive system which is chiefly due to irregular and improper eating habits or may be due to eating unhealthy food substances. It also sometimes causes due to contaminated food. The digestion is a system in which food is broken down in to parts that releases energy and nutrients. The remaining food is delivered out in to the kind of excreta and gases. Production of gases due to digestion system is normal in a healthy body, but when gases produced due to undigested food they leads to extreme pain, smelly gases and tightening and feel of fullness in the stomach.

The most common causes of digestive bloating include improper digestion, over eating, eating of food having high fats and protein. Beans is a product having high quantity of protein, digestive system take lot of hard work to digest beans and hence produce gases, if the produced gas is more, it may trouble with pain and discomfort in stomach or around lower abdomen. Vegetables such as cabbage, onions, artichokes, and asparagus are also responsible for digestive bloating. Grains like wheat contain gluten which harm the digestive system and lead to digestive bloating. Some time soft drinks and fruit juices also cause digestive bloating. Milk and milk products like cheese and butter also lead to Digestive bloating.

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